Back Then

We sold Floppy Disc ourselves the first couple of years 1990-92. Then we licensed the sales and manufacturing of the Disc to Aspen Pet Products. It has been variously sold as co-branded versions by Aspen of Booda pet products, and most recently Petmate. It's always been known primarily under its brand name - Soft Bite Floppy Disc.   

In August 2011 we brought the control, manufacturing & marketing of Floppy Disc "back home" by ending our license agreement  with Petmate. We are servicing wholesale, retail & online dealers of the Floppy Disc so you should be able to find the Disc at your favorite or online retailer. 


About ol' Soft Bite Floppy Disc

Meet Rudy

The Floppy Disc was created over 21 years ago out of love for Rudy - a Belgian Shepherd who loved to chase frisbees, but who suffered injury from the rough hard plastic discs. Especially after they'd been used awhile and had puncture holes and sharp nubbins from teeth marks in the plastic. 

Figuring there was a better way: Martin - Floppy Disc's President and resident inventor - created the Soft Bite Floppy Disc. Nylon waterproof fabric sewn around a latex rubber rind made the perfect flying disc toy for dogs. Gentle on teeth & gums and easy to catch - no harm done! Plus, the Disc floats & folds up  to be easily carried in a pocket or pack, and is amazingly durable when used as a toss and fetch toy.